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This blog, which consists solely of opinion, exists to advocate government by and for the American people – not the lawyers, not the bureaucrats and politicians, and not the military-industrial complex.

The American Liberal blog is a voice for the real people of the United States – the 99%. We the people must take back our country from big banks, big oil, political lobbyists, corporate-sponsored PACs, and the rest of the undue influence of the military-industrial complex.

I am Jonathan Lockwood Huie
jlh {at} sail7 {dot} com

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  1. john liming says:

    Dear Mr. Huie:
    My blog which had been called “The Liming Liberal Democrat” has been changed to “Blue Heart Nation” and I was wondering if it would be possible to have my references which you have so generously allowed updated?

    Blue Heart Nation is always free to readers and I firmly intend never to put advertising on it or to make money with it because I am an American first and I still am fighting for a compassionate and caring government that is willing to share with it’s citizens and to help those who cannot help themselves so well.

    I feel that a lot of people on the other side feel kind of the opposite and I think that is both unfortunate and not good for our great country in the long run.

    I am heartily sorry for any inconvenience, but if it were possible to have thye references updated it would help a lot and it is really a great honor to have been so generously and graciously included on your pages as it is.

    May God bless you in all you do,

    May God Bless The United States of America.

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